The study highlights good operating models for the coordination and management of RDI within the structural reform of social services and healthcare

The role of effective RDI activities is to develop novel technologies, improve the (cost) effectiveness of healthcare and social services and increase regional attractiveness. National cooperation and dialogue, as well as regional strategic coordination, are however required.

The recent study, Practices for organising research, development, and innovation in healthcare and social services provides concrete examples of good practices in the organisation of RDI. The study compiles examples e.g. about the strategic scope of RDI activities, stakeholder involvement, dissemination and of the commercialisation opportunities offered by project funding.

The organisation of such activities within the regions has proved to be a challenge with conditions and investments in RDI activities varying significantly. Additionally, the currently available guidance and incentives do not form a coherent whole.

The overall view on RDI activities needs sharpening both nationally and within the regions, particularly in respect of multidisciplinary collaboration.

The study was carried out by Forefront Oy, MDI and NHG Consulting Oy.

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