The Steering2020 project will focus on state steering

The  project, From Regulatory and Resource Management to Systems navigation (Steering2020) is part of the government’s research and assessment activity (VN TEAS) in 2020. The project will produce an overall picture of the development and current state of governance, in its social context,  in Finland. The study will produce information and engage in a dialogue supporting the Finnish governance policy debate. The aim of the study is to describe the basic features of governance in different sectors and in relation to different policy objectives and to show how it is affected by the EU’s supranational regulatory system.

The state governance system and the tools used are constantly changing. In Finland, no comprehensive review of the current state of governmental governance and the challenges posed in any attempt to change its operating methods has been undertaken for a number of years. Systemic change cannot be achieved through sector-based approaches or through traditional means of regulation and resource management. Rather, the management of these changes requires a holistic view and different policy instruments as well as their imaginative combination. Learning from international examples is also an important part of adopting and embracing systemic guidance.

The project will produce an overall picture of the development and current state of government in Finland in its social context on the basis of a literature review, workshops and situation analysis. MDI will implement a study project together with the University of Vaasa, Demos Helsinki and Frisky & Anjoy. The implementation period of the project is February 2020 to February 2021.