The statistical and database requirements for the strengthening of the arts and culture field

We carried out a survey of the statistical and database requirements of the arts and culture sector for the Ministry of Education and Culture. According to the survey, the industry produces a large volume of statistics, but they are often not commensurable and are generally scattered across many locations. More expertise in the collection, production, use and analysis of statistical information is therefore required in this area. In addition, it is hoped that statistics will become more centralised.

This situation is due to the diversity of activities, the lack of regulation and, consequently, the lack of administrative registers and the decentralisation of information processes to dozens of mainly private actors. At the same time, the potential knowledge base is however both rich and extensive. Looking forward, co-operation structures and policy instruments (steering) should be developed, interoperability and the compilation of information should be enhanced and analytical and interpretative capacities strengthened.

The study was carried out in three stages
1) mapping the current main statistical and information base in the arts and culture sector based on documentary and interview materials
2) The information needs and boundary conditions of the development areas were supplemented by thematic workshops
3) the preconditions for the development areas were structured on the basis of different materials.