The ‘Say It With Pictures’ competition will be relaunched in the autumn of 2020

The competition jury has decided to postpone the ‘Say it with pictures’ competition which was open to everyone. The competition will be relaunched in autumn 2020.

The timing of the competition in the middle of the global emergency was not favourable. The competition goals will not be met, so the organiser has asked the jury to suspend the competition and restart it at a more appropriate time in the autumn of 2020. With this decision, the competition organisers have provided prospective participants with more time to plan and execute their entries.

The competition rules aim to give creative talents coverage in describing and visualising regional development in three different categories – infographics (eg graphs, maps, tables), photographs, and other visual or recorded presentations (videos, IG Stories, GIFs, audio works). or similar – and reward entrants for their good work.

Those who have already submitted their entries will automatically participate in the € 1,000 grand prize contest when the competition is restarted.

The competition is organised by the Regional Development Consulting Office MDI (MDI Public Oy) and the aim of the competition is to find illustrative visualisation methods to describe Finnish regional development while at the same time to stimulating a wider discussion about regional development. The rules of the competition can be found online at