The RDI activities of social welfare and health organisations are extensively studied

MDI and NHG Consulting are carrying out a study of the RDI activities of those organisations receiving STEA grants from the Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health organisations ( The study examines the factors that contribute to the development of research, development and innovation activities in social and health care organisations, the challenges they face and the role that STEA-funded activities play in the innovation environment. The study looks in particular at the activities of social and health care organisations that have developed a new approach in continuous use.

There is very little information on the effectiveness of these organisations’ RDI activities, or indeed of their activities in general as they have not been studied in detail, especially in the STEA area. The survey will help to shed light on the role of these organisations as part of the wider ecosystem and will help to define what RDI activities mean in an NGO context. The report also serves to clarify the vision of the future at a time when the organisational operating environment, particularly in respect of funding, is undergoing major changes.