The new training programme will bring together regional developers from across Finland

MDI Academy, a new training programme for regional developers, will begin next year. Through the creation of the MDI Academy we want to support the work of public administration developers and leaders. The training programme, which runs from January to October 2020, includes three coaching modules and a study tour.

“The content of the population forecast has given rise to a broad and varied public debate on the future of the regions. In areas of all sizes, regardless of location, there is a feeling that the concerns of tomorrow are not being addressed. The alarm signal has been heard in both successful and shrinking municipalities. “The MDI Academy will look to provide innovative insights and tools to help experts and regions meet forecasts” says MDI’s regional researcher, Timo Aro.

The training programme supports the work of leaders and experts in public administration, its developers and administrative partners. The Academy’s themes will support the work of the regional developer in the context of the cross-pressure of growth and contraction, consider the components of attraction and address a variety of tools for transforming knowledge into action, such as experimentation, service design and communication. In addition to new knowledge, insight and networks, participants receive a certificate from the MDI Academy.

“MDI has grown at a rapid pace and there is a huge amount of expertise within our house. We want to provide bold insights, networks and new perspectives to a multidisciplinary group of participants. There is a need for sparring in the regions and municipalities and we want to provide experts with tools to develop their own work. The MDI Academy has been created to address this need” says Tommi Ranta, MDI’s CEO.