The national urban network reducing, top widened in 20 years

Regional development consulting company MDI has updated the Urban Network Study, that has functioned as a tool for following and developing national urban network in Finland and in the Finnish urban regions for 20 years. The national urban network is still extensive. Finland has 30 functionally important urban regions. Among the urban regions five of them have dropped during the past 10 years, but there are more strong and versatile urban regions with higher education. Development spreads through corridors and zones – positive development is reflected in the increasingly wider area. However, Finnish urban regions still have different development preconditions and development dynamics. The basic idea of the place-based development is to develop the urban system as a whole, and different sized urban regions. This means local customization of national policy and national and regional policy support for local development and polycentric urban system. Now is the time for networked and peer-driven-development. (in Finnish)