The lessons for developing functional areas and growth zones published in the Kotka Citizen*ship forum

Project “Functional Urban Areas and Growth Zones in Finland (ToKaSu)” identified the importance of growth zones and their development needs in Finland. The research report was published at the Citizen*ship Urban Development Forum in Kotka on 11th May 2017. In the ToKaSu project, assessment of growth zones has been developed on the basis of nationwide GIS data. The subject of the evaluation has been the amount of interaction and its relative importance, the interaction potential of accessibility and the growth and development in the zones, among other things, from the point of view of the population and the workforce. In addition, information has been gathered via 39 interviews with urban developers and with a network survey for SMEs, answered by almost 2 300 companies.

The results provide tools for evaluating growth zones and directing development activities so that zone interactions can be taken into account in the regional reform and other societal changes. Growth zones are identified at different regional levels and are used as tools for marketing areas, attracting investment, and enhancing cooperation between different actors across administrative boundaries. Project was conducted in co-operation with the Finnish Enviroment Institute.

Report (in Finnish):