The labour market situation in North Karelia is being studied

North Karelia has traditionally suffered from higher unemployment than the rest of the country. With the lay-offs following the corona crisis, the share of unemployed in the labour force rose to 18.2 per cent at the end of July 2020. Despite this, there are large municipal and industry-specific variations in the region while a shortage of skilled labour remains in some places.

During the latter part of 2020, MDI will commission a study for the North Karelia ELY Center to 1) analyse the current state of labour needs in companies and the public sector and the available labour force, 2) describe the ten most important changes affecting the labour market situation in North Karelia, 3) make forecasts about labour needs and labour force up to 2025 and 2030, and 4) make proposals relating to ensuring that measures supporting labour availability are compiled.

The study is being carried out as part of the GrowthPOK (KasvuPOK) project, which is funded by the European Social Fund.