The housing market study for the Kotka-Hamina region provides an impetus for housing development

MDI carried out a study on the situation of, and housing preferences in,  the Kotka-Hamina region housing market. According to the study, both opportunities and challenges exist in the area related to housing that can be addressed through recommendations for housing development.

According to the study, the biggest challenges in the housing market in the region relate to the ‘matching problem’: housing supply and locations do not match demand. The area is also not yet sufficiently exploited for new housing concepts. Investment should be made in the amenity of urban centers and in urban culture and services in order to attract new residents.

There are three groups of potential migrants to the region: groups seeking the centres, such as the elderly and students, families with children living near the centers and families seeking rural housing with more space. Trends in multi-location and teleworking, among other things, can increase the attractiveness of the Kotka-Hamina region. More opportunities and an initial impetus for housing construction and the provision of services, especially in Kotka, will be brought about by XAMK’s move to the Kotka campus near the city centre.

The study was commissioned by the joint urban planning working group of the municipalities of the Kotka-Hamina region and Cursor Oy. The survey was conducted in the autumn of 2020 and was based on a statistical analysis, interviews and a survey of residents in and outsiders to the region.


The report