The Future Review of Contract Fire brigades presents alternative scenarios for 2035

Future review of contract fire brigades Extinguishing, smoldering or flaming? – Alternative future images of contract fire brigade activities up to 2035 examines the current state of contract fire brigade activities and considers a number of future scenarios for their development.

Contract fire brigades have a significant role to play as part of the Finnish rescue system which is currently in the midst of an historic reform. At the same time, for example, the development of the population and regional structure, as well as changes in working life and leisure, pose their own challenges to the operation of contract fire brigades.

– The aim of the prospective study was to examine the current state of contract fire service activities in a comprehensive manner and to build scenarios that take into account the diversity of activities. Scenario work can support the future-oriented development of contract fire service activities, says Henrika Ruokonen, project manager from MDI.

Research provides a basis for societal debate and supports decision-making. The report describes three alternative visions for the contract fire service and presents five conclusions and recommendations for improvement. MDI carried out the study in collaboration with Juha Heikkala Consulting for the Finnish Fire Officers’ Association. The project was funded by the Fire Protection Fund.