The final evaluation of the Kunteko Programme identifies and evaluates the programme results

The Kunteko 2020 Programme, launched in 2015, is a development programme implemented by KT local government employers and the main contracting organisations in the municipal sector. The programme provides support and tools on issues related to the development of working life and change management in the municipalities. The programme goals are to draw attention to improvements already made in the local government sector, to disseminate best practices, to improve and support development skills in the local government sector, to intensify learning around themes emerging from the local government sector and to produce breakthrough innovations for municipal workplaces.

At the end of the programme in 2020, MDI will carry out a final evaluation of the Kunteko Programme. The evaluation identifies and evaluates the results and impacts of the Kunteko Programme in relation to the goals and the available resources initially set. In addition, MDI will evaluate the effectiveness of the programme and will highlight effective and efficient practices. Evaluation will support further development work after the programme ends. The evaluation is carried out from three different perspectives: the level of the municipalities and work communities, the benefits and impacts of the programme nationwide and the evaluation of the implementation of the programme and the services it provides.

The final evaluation will be completed in autumn 2020.