The digital information service visualises the business environment in Tampere region

MDI implemented a digital information service for Business Tampere, gathering together the information necessary to describe the operating and business environment of Tampere region. The service is the first to provide this kind of coverage in Finland. The purpose of the visualisation package is to describe and promote Tampere as a business area with a view to attracting more international companies and foreign investment. At the same time, the service is also used as a follow-up service to the development of the business environment.

The data used for the visualisations was e.g. from Statistics Finland, Vipunen Information Service, and paid data purchased by Business Tampere. The information service was implemented using the Tableau tool and the visualisations are publicly available.

The Business Tampere Information Service examines, for example, the availability of a skilled workforce, the structure of the business field and business development prospects, start-ups and the generation of costs for business.