The Competitiveness of Lahti Region Turns into Action

The Lahti Region Competitiveness report was released today at the Asko Area development seminar in Lahti. The Asko Area is a large development site next to the Lahti Railway station in the edge of Metropolitan Area in Finland. The Lahti Region is currently more competitive than the development figures show. An urban  reputation has been stained over decades by the traditional industry. Now is the time for the reputation washing, as the development figures of Lahti look promising, though traces of industrial restructuring can still be seen. Long tradition affects businesses, regeneration generates from inside-out. The new economy is already in products and services, and more value is added to products and services. It is important to build links to other urban areas in order to increase competence. Urban active life environment will attract young activists, who usher new growth. Urban activities must be given opportunities. The Lahti Region will become an active urban life area by investing in the soft factors.