The collection and utilisation of information related to the skills needs of the labour market will be investigated in Häme

During the autumn up to the end of 2021, MDI will carry out a study in the area of ​​the Häme ELY Centre, where the aim is to collect information and analyse and describe how different actors in the area collect and utilise information related to labour market skills needs and forecasting.

The aim of the study is to increase our understanding of how and how systematically information is collected, how information is processed and analysed and for what purposes the information is utilised. Actors mapping the know-how of the Häme ELY area will be widely involved and consulted in the implementation of the investigation process. The aim of the study is also to provide suggestions on how regional mapping and the forecasting of skills needs could be developed into more mutually beneficial, parallel and more effective activities.

Mikael Andolin, Product and Service Director of Foredata Oy, is MDI’s partner and the lead expert in the study. The client is the Häme ELY Centre.