The City of Porvoo’s cultural programme is carried out in a spirit of multidisciplinary

MDI implements a cultural programme for the City of Porvoo together with the City of Porvoo and MDI’s partner Krista Petäjäjärvi. The purpose of the work phases is to form a common vision and a concrete action plan for the development of Porvoo’s cultural activities up to 2030. The work is designed to build a common understanding of the growing importance of culture for Porvoo as part of the city’s identity and attractiveness. It strengthens multidisciplinary cooperation and supports decision-making and highlights the multidisciplinary and polyphonic set of actors in Porvoo’s cultural arena. The programme includes a description of the current state of Porvoo’s cultural activities; organises workshops for a wide range of actors and collects material through interviews and a comprehensive survey.