Study on the regional equality and internationalisation

MDI conducts a study for the Finnish National Agency for Education’s (EDUFI) about the impacts of its international functions from the point of view of regional equality. The study provides information on how the support for internationalisation is distributed geographically and what factors lie behind this result.

Ihmiset nauravat ja työskentelevät pöydän ääressä.

The study aims to understand how the Finnish National Agency for Education can further support individuals and organisations around Finland to internationalise. Support is targeted to young people, students, the newly graduated and to educational institutions.

The data is collected from project funding data, regional and national statistical data on students and qualitative data about the experiences around using this kind of support. The study addresses the following questions

  • How does the participation rate in international programmes vary in regions per student? To what extent can the variation be explained by the differences in regional education structures and students’ field of study and/or gender?
  • Which municipal, regional and organisational structures and factors enhance participation in international activities?
  • Which municipal, regional and organisational structures and factors prevent the realisation of international activities? What practical actions can be taken to break down these barriers and by which actors?

In total, the study creates a versatile analysis of the current situation in respect of internationalisation and the enhancing and preventing factors and development activities around it. The work is due to be concluded in November 2022.

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