Study: By developing practices, TET periods can be used to create a more positive and equal experience for an increasing number of people

MDI, the Finnish Youth Research Society and the Research Foundation for Studies and Education, Otus, researched the implementation, equality and accessibility of the work practice programme within basic education. The study was funded from the Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities with the Ministry of Education and Culture steering the project. 

The study shows that the practices of the work practice programme should be developed in various ways so that the periods would be more positive and equal for more students. The work practice periods should be developed in a more systematic way, there should be a national and local level work practice programme manager, while more systematic ways should be found to spread information, materials and existing work practice concepts.  

Some of the employers involved plan the work practice periods more precisely, but not all do so. By engaging in better planning, the employers involved could help young people to gain a broader picture of the opportunities available in respect of the different kinds of work on offer. Some employers consider the work practice programme to be a stepping stone into the world of work which is of course great, says lead specialist Minna Mayer from MDI who was responsible for the employer part of the study.