Sparring for the City of Kokkola City Communications Development Program

Much of the development is nowadays communicative – and development can not be done today without communication. MDI is pleased to continue its efforts with the city of Kokkola when, from the end of 2017 and early 2018, communication sparring will be made contentally through the strategy that has been worked out in 2017. The themes are known, but the channels of communication are new. Section 29 of the Municipal Act also provides that the municipality must provide sufficient information on the services provided by the municipality, the economy, the matters under preparation in the municipality, their plans, their deliberations, decisions taken and the effects of the decisions. In addition, the municipality has to inform the way in which decisions can be taken and influenced. Remarks on working methods are taken into account when all activities are communication. In addition, the use of different channels and media, how to communicate on different channels, and how the media is involved in telling about the city is discussed. The work also identifies resources, ie. what communication requires time and money. The question to be clarified is whether the current resources and practices are being explored. As a result, a close communication development program is created, which tells Kokkola’s communication principles and approaches. Writing responsibility for paper is in the communications department of the city, MDI is sparring paper preparation.