Sitra has raised future themes and knowledge, but the utilisation of future knowledge in decision-making remains problematic

The new evaluation report assesses to what extent Sitra has attained its impact target of “Well-Known Future Trends in Finland 2011–2018”. According to MDI’s evaluation, Sitra’s role is particularly emphasised in the maintenance of future faith and in discussing the importance of shared visions. As such, Sitra has had a significant impact on the following themes: the sustainability crisis, circular economy, weak signals, sustainable wellbeing, collaborative economy and experimental culture.

According to the evaluation, Sitra’s challenge is to help overcome the poor utilisation of future knowledge in decision-making. The evaluation produced five recommendations for Sitra:

  1. There is a need to make wider use of international networks
  2. Sitra’s own future capabilities should be supported by increasing its activator and mentor roles
  3. Thoroughly select those topics where widespread civic engagement is needed and focus on the expert ecosystem
  4. The role as a networker of various actors needs to be clarified
  5. Sitra needs to play a more active role in supporting the interpretation, understanding and application of knowledge

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