Result of Finpro’s 30-hour Camp: Know-how Attracts Investments to Eastern Finland

The key actors – development companies, ELY centers, regional councils, educational institutions and Invest in Finland – from three regions of Eastern Finland, namely North Karelia, Northern Savo and South Savo gathered together in Rantasalmi’s Järvisydän from 23 to 24 May to work on ideas to attract investments to Eastern Finland. The most attracting strengths were indentified to be photonics in the North Karelia, health care technology in Northern Savo and water and environmental expertise in South Savo. Eastern Finland’s shared strengths in terms of attracting investment were identified to be bioeconomy, technology and tourism. Actors emphasized the importance of knowledge, resources and solid and capable production development chains in the regions, networking skills, as well as the importance of trust. Attracting investments requires time, customized solutions and personal networks. 30-hour camp was ordered by Invest in Finland, Finpro.