Research on the follow-up and effectiveness of new rapid learning actions in continuous learning will be carried out

In the next two years, Finland will implement training packages that will be implemented in the short term and support employment, in order to meet the needs of the employed and those at risk of unemployment.

The JOUSTE research project (Monitoring and effectiveness of new fast-track actions in lifelong learning) will provide a comprehensive analysis of the impact of the projects and support their most effective and efficient implementation. The study provides information to support the reform of lifelong learning and the increase in the employment rate. The study comprehensively examines the effects of the funded projects on the participants in the measures, training organizations and, more broadly, on the availability of skilled labor and employment.

To support evaluation and project implementation, an evaluation and monitoring system will be set up to monitor and evaluate the implementation and impact of lifelong learning activities and to support projects so that they operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. The project approach has been chosen as developmental evaluation and a multi-perspective approach. The research is based on the analysis of data collected from different perspectives and sources and it will be carried out in close dialogue with the subscriber and other key stakeholders. During the work process, several dialogue workshops related to the development of activities and the introduction of good practices are organised.

The project is funded by the Prime Minister’s Office and it is implemented by MDI Public Oy, University of Lapland, Melkior Oy and Kirsi Pulkkinen Consulting. The project has started in August 2020 and will continue until the end of 2022.

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