Renewal of Regional Foresight Process

One of the sub-sections of the regional development at the Regional Council of Satakunta is regional foresight, which can be seen as a tool to support future-oriented planning and decision-making. In Satakunta region, the foresight data is used in regional strategy, regional programme, and regional plan as well as in the follow-up of up-to-date development status of the region. The Regional Council of Satakunta is coordinating the co-operation concerning the regional foresight, which aims at strengthening co-operation and gathering permanent network around foresight operations. MDI supports the Regional Council of Satakunta in the renewal of the foresight process from the perspectives of foresight and follow-up of operational environment. The work includes e.g. pilot testing of regional foresight cells and designing of annual calendar for regional foresight process. The work will be finalised in June 2016.