The region of Kotka-Hamina will update the economic strategy

MDI takes part in the update process of the economic strategy for Kotka-Hamina. The current regional economic development strategy 2016–2019 outlines the guidelines for regional economic policy and challenges public and private sector actors to work together to create new jobs and growth. The vision for 2025 defined in the business strategy is summed up in two words: renewed and attractive. The main goal of the strategy has been to create new jobs and attract new residents to the region.

The aim of the business strategy update is to make it more reflective of the current situation by focusing, clarifying and intensifying the strategy. As a result of the update process, an updated business strategy document and its summary will be produced. The updating of the business strategy is being developed in close cooperation with Cursor’s Strategic Working Group. MDI brings with it its own core competence, such as knowledge of developments in other regions and expertise in the process of strategy document reformulation. The main body of the work is comprised of meetings between the strategy team and MDI. There are three regional workshops, one each in March, April and May. The final strategy will be approved by the Regional Council of Kotka-Hamina in June 2019.