The importance of Kanta-Häme central hospital from regional perspective

The aim of the project was to analyse the regional importance of Kanta-Häme central hospital, focusing on the effects on regional economics and vitality. The project describes the importance of Kanta-Häme Central Hospital for the vitality of Kanta-Häme and the wider area. The vitality effects of Kanta-Häme Hospital are described using a ‘snapshot package’ based on data visualisation. The package is a visual slide show based on “hard data” in which the vitality effects of a hospital are presented using tables, maps, graphs and infographs. In particular, the employment and salary amount of hospital staff and the significance of the hospital’s purchases for the regional economy were examined. This data is based on data collected by the hospital district and analysed by MDI. The work was completed in June 2020, and the information will be used in policy-making regarding the hospital.