TETTI – Implementation, equality and accessibility of TET sessions during basic education

According to the curriculum, during the upper years of secondary school, students must be provided with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with working life, i.e., TET periods as a basis for educational and career choices. During these orientation periods, the student works in the workplace of his or her choice or that assigned to them under the supervision of an adult. TET sessions affect almost every young person in upper secondary school, but comprehensive information on their implementation, monitoring and experiences remains scarce.A joint project between MDI Public, the Finnish Youth Research Society and the Research Foundation for Study and Education produces information enabling us to make better use of the potential associated with these introductory periods in secondary school as part of the development of basic education. The focuses here are on students’ readiness for postgraduate studies, attachment to working life, prevention of exclusion, leveling out background differences and equality.