Support for the preparation of the TE services reform 2024 renewal in Raahe, Ylivieska and Kalajoki

An employment area in Kalajoki, Raahe and Ylivieska is being prepared in the southern part of Northern Ostrobothnia. The employment area would potentially include 17 municipalities. MDI has provided support for the preparation of the TE24 reform (TE services 2024 reform) regarding the policies of the employment area and organisational responsibility. The support for the preparation has included sparring with key officials, interviews with key people and a joint evening school for the councillors of three municipalities, as well as an evening school for one municipal board separately. As a result of MDI’s work, the municipalities were able to agree on the responsibility for organisational issue in June 2023. Following this, work is now progressing on the draft contract for the organisation of labour services.