Strategic Programme for International Expertise and Immigration for the region of Satakunta

The availability of skilled labour has emerged as a bottleneck for regional development in many parts of Finland. As with other parts of western and southern Finland, the Satakunta region is set to receive significant investments as a result of the clean energy transition. To ensure these investments succeed and thus help in the overall development of the region, the Regional Council of Satakunta decided to draft a strategic programme focused on international expertise and immigration, in close cooperation with the Satakunta Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre) and other stakeholders. MDI assisted the Regional Council of Satakunta in drafting the programme. The work involved a thorough background analysis based on previously collected and produced material, complementing the material with interviews, and refining the programme content in core team meetings. MDI wrote the programme text on the document template of the Regional Council of Satakunta.