Stadin osaamiskeskuksen toiminnan vaikuttavuusarviointi

The aim of the impact assessment of the Helsinki Skills Centre was to provide information on how it has affected the employment of people with an immigrant background by the trajectories of those who have used the services against those who have not. The aim of the impact assessment was to produce for the Skill Centre and the City of Helsinki 1) an extensive description of the current status, operations and service process management of the Helsinki Skills Centre, consisting of quantitative and qualitative information 2) an assessment of the impact and effectiveness of the action and 3) proposals for the further development of operations from the perspectives of working life transitions, integration and customer focus. The impact assessment was carried out via a document analysis, interviews with the Centre’s professionals and partners, an interview with 50 of the Centre’s customers, a comparison using the synthetic control method and other comparisons (Espoo Skills Centre, criteria of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and the Ministry of Education and Culture). The results of the evaluation were reported in August 2021 in the Skills Centre’s five-year publication.