Sparring and facilitation of the Vantaa TE2024 reform

Sparring and facilitating the Vantaa-Kerava TE2024 reform MDI has been sparring and facilitating the preparation of the Vantaa TE2024 reform. The general goal of the work is to ensure the progress of the preparation of the sub-working groups, mutual exchange of information and commitment to a common goal and further work in accordance with it, as well as appropriate organization in the years 2023 – 2024. MDI helps to form a common vision of the TE2024 common vision and core tasks from the strategic starting points of the cities and thereby produces an understanding of the overall picture of the TE2024 preparation and about the cooperation it requires in TE2024 preparation. MDI facilitates the work of the sub-work groups and spars their work by organizing customized discussions with the sub-work groups.