Population and migration analysis of municipality of Urjala

The aim of the population and migration analysis was to provide a comprehensive overview of the current situation and of the development of the municipality of Urjala and its different regions in the 2010s and 2020s. The work produced a comprehensive knowledge base on demographic trends, migration, population structure, employment and housing in Urjala. 

The work consisted of two phases:
1. An analysis of the demographic development of the whole municipality
2. An analysis of the municipality’s internal development. 

At the level of the municipality as a whole, the demographic development of Urjala since the 2000s was examined, with a particular emphasis on the demographic changes occurring in the 2020s. The review provided an overview of the municipality’s demographic development and key demographic changes. The final result was a profile of those moving to Urija and an analysis of the impact of migration on the development of Urija. The internal analysis of the municipality resulted in a comprehensive picture of the development and characteristics of the different areas of Urjala. The analysis also paid particular attention to the impact of pandemic developments.