The aftereffect of Corona on the common operating environment of municipalities and enterprises

The project produced a situational picture of urban development and the phenomenon, trends and tools of urban development. Potential Corona effects were also investigated, e.g. in the provision of services, changes in the use of premises and investment needs and capabilities. The results and the measures were discussed in a group with both municipal decision-makers and the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT. Results also provided important guidance for further studies.

The main research questions were:
1) What development trends in respect of cities and regions have been identified in the 2010s in Finland and what will be their development picture in the 2020s? In particular, how the 2020 Corona pandemic and adaptation to it have affected development trends.
2) What kind of recovery measures are being taken in Finland and how do they affect Finnish cities and various investments?
3) What conditions do cities and their decision-makers have to identify development trends, and how can resilience conditions be improved?

The project included both statistical and trend analyses. Data were interpreted together with the subscriber organisation. Statistical and trend analysis were done in spring 2021 and interpretations by autumn 2021. The study is funded by the TT Foundation.