MDI spars the next draft of Satakunta’s regional strategy

The regional government, health and social services reform (SOTE) legislation is entering a critical phase. The fate of the reform is now in the hands of the Parliament. A final decision is expected before the conclusion of current parliamentary session. Future planning at the regional level is in full swing including the preparation of new regional strategies. In Satakunta, preparation of the regional strategy began in January 2018. During the spring of 2018, the values, mission and vision of the future region and the future group structure of the new SOTE regions was actively discussed in a number of common seminars. In this context, MDI was involved in providing support for Satakunta to design and implement interactive events. In addition, sparring consulting is also provided to the migration management team and to the key trust bodies guiding the practical preparation of the strategy. The aim of the process was to support the team and help produce a version 2.0 of the provincial strategy for those preparing the Satakunta region reform. Working together in this way helps ensure alignment and the commitment of the various stakeholders to the strategy. The regional strategy contained six programmes specifying its objectives and priorities in line with the requirements of the regional law. In accordance with the draft, the new region was required, by paragraph 35 of the regional law, to set out the long-term objectives of the strategy and its impact on the economy. In addition, the regional strategy should define, based on the current situation and the operating environment analysis, the following points: the promotion of the well-being of the population and its objectives, policies on the organisation and production of services, the service objectives set out in the provincial law, strategic objectives for the use of regions, areas, quality of life and development of economic activities in the region, policies concerning the ownership policy of the province, the guidelines for the personnel policy of the province, and the totality of opportunities for participation and the promotion of resident influence. For Satakunta, this work is planned to be completed in June 2019.