Kempele service network analysis

The aim of the service network survey is to describe the current service network of early childhood education and teaching, to anticipate the future development of the need for services and to present alternative solution models for the development of the service network. A service network survey is required so that the municipality can make the necessary decisions and investments in a timely manner in order to better develop its service network. The report provides information on the municipality’s school and daycare network, population development and the effects of its housing production, as well as information on the space needs of the school and daycare network to support decision-making. The work steps in the survey include a description of the current situation, the municipality’s sub-regional population forecasts by age group and the presentation of different solution models and follow-up measures. The results of the work are compiled into one concise report which contains the necessary illustrative graphics and map visualisations. In addition, the current situation of the service network, the development view and the proposed network changes, are visualised in Locia Solutions Oy’s CapaCityTM service which combines critical service network data together based on location data. Locia Solutions Oy, who act as MDI’s subcontractor in the work, is an expert company specialising in the design of premises and service networks. Locia consults cities in coordinating strategic land use, service network planning and facility planning.