In search of a Positive Gaming Position for Posintra Ltd

In recent years, the term “positive gaming position” has emerged in soccer talk. It means that the player must already have a forward direction towards the attack direction, which will allow faster gameplay – take the game fast forward. MDI made an analysis of the regional development company Posintra Ltd’s position and role in development field in the Eastern Uusimaa. The work outlined the position of Posintra at the moment, and even more deeply trying to figure out on what field game is played. Posintra has been a development company in the Eastern Uusimaa region for the past two decades. It has had a reasonably good position from the start, pressure on change has been created especially through external factors. At present, the biggest issue is who provides development and growth services to municipalities. Some municipalities have a growing willingness to channel development through their own activities, not through regional development company. Another key factor is the regional governmental reform and its impact on development. The third acute question is the adequacy of public development funding. All members of the Board were interviewed and the position of the development company in the key actors’ was discussed in a workshop . The work was due in Spring 2017.