Future regional tasks in Kymenlaakso

Finland is in the middle of the most profound regional reform in decades. All regional councils are urged to start preparation for their future tasks in June 2016. MDI sparred Kymenlaakso Region in their work. A project group has been set up, where Regional Council, Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, Rescue Department, Social and Health Care Services, Rural services and labour organisations are represented. The regional group was defining the organisation of regional services except social and health care tasks. The group worked for formulating future vision, through which new services and functions as well as new operation models are to be designed. In addition to formulating the regional tasks, MDI facilitated a seminar about the regional reform in Kymenlaakso region in 31th August 2016. The work was carried out through three workshops and a regional reform seminar and was due in October 2016.