Evaluation of the training provided in relation to the Constructive Interaction in Support of Mental Health project (RVMT)

The Constructive Interaction in Support of Mental Health project is a training and development project funded by STEA which promotes interaction and emotional skills to actors in the field of mental health. The project is managed by Suomen Moniääniset ry.

The evaluation examined whether the developed training has led to a) improvement of the socio-emotional competence of mental health rehabilitators, determining also what impact the possible improvement will have on their lives and wellbeing, and b) improvements in the socio-emotional competence of employees, volunteers and professionals who have participated in RVMT training and thereby their wellbeing at work and in volunteering, and whether their skills in supporting mental health rehabilitators have increased.

The evaluation included documentary material, a survey and group interviews. The evaluation provided information on the development of interaction skills between mental health rehabilitators and professionals in various organisations.