Evaluation of the research institute sector and research funding reform

In 2013, the Finnish Government outlined a resolution on the overall reform of research institutes and research funding. The purpose of the reform was to free up resources from research support services and fixed structures for research activities, to transform research institutes into larger and stronger entities by topic and also to increase cooperation between research institutes and universities. The evaluation work investigated the implementation and effectiveness of the reform. The core questions of the evaluation were how the reform has been implemented and how it has contributed to the fact that research functions as a strategic resource for the development of society and decision-making. The perspectives of the evaluation were especially focused on the renewal of operating methods and the future competence and research capabilities of the Finnish society. The evaluation was a project of the Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities (VN TEAS) and, in addition to MDI, its other implementing parties were Ramboll Management Consulting, Gaia Consulting Oy and the University of Lapland.