Evaluation of the recruitment training offered to companies

The training offered to companies in accordance with Chapter 4, Section 4 of the Act on Public Employment and Business Services is provided by the national ‘Recruit like a pro’ service, where the entrepreneur receives advice on acquiring and employing labour. The service is provided by the ELY centre and the TE office, with the purpose of the service being to enable private service providers to support the growth of micro-enterprises and sole proprietors by advising entrepreneurs on matters related to recruitment, buying and renting work, and acting as an employer. The goal is that those entrepreneurs who have received the service training can then move forward in terms of hiring an employee, ultimately ensuring that any employment relationships or contractual relationships start well.

The main task of the investigation was to determine the functionality, efficiency, effectiveness and quality of the coaching service offered to the company. In addition, the aim was also to evaluate whether the criteria for good support have been fulfilled. The report was also tasked with producing development proposals relating to the continuation of the service with the upcoming TE24 reform specifically in mind. The report was produced for the Ministry of Labour and the Economy.