Evaluation of the LHT-network (MAL in Finnish)

The Finnish national Land use, Housing and Sustainable Transportation Network (LHT) is a cooperation network between 17 cities, urban areas and key stakeholders. The network has been in operation for more than 10 years. The LHT network, together with a wide network of stakeholders, coordinates the operational goals of member cities, regions and partners and serves as a platform for partnership and interaction between the state and the regions on current LHT issues. The purpose of the evaluation work is, in accordance with the ‘continuous development ideology’ to take a snapshot of the current state of play, to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the LHT network and, above all, to map the dynamics and options for reform of the current operating environment given today’s changing operating conditions. The evaluation will be completed by mid-December 2020 with the work commissioned by the Tampere metropolitan area.