Evaluation of Business Finland’s innovation voucher

Business Finland’s innovation voucher is intended for SMEs that have a new product or service idea with international growth potential and for which the company needs external know-how to move forward. The purpose of the innovation voucher is to find new openings for companies to support business growth and to encourage companies to start and continue innovation activities. With an innovation voucher, a company can buy new information and know-how for the company. During the autumn of 2022, MDI carried out an evaluation of the effectiveness of BF’s innovation voucher. The report provides information on how companies have brought new product or service ideas with international growth potential to the market with the help of the innovation voucher, how these companies have grown and developed, whether their innovation activities have gained continuity after the innovation voucher and how the private service sector has developed with the help of the innovation voucher. The report also provides insight into the development of the innovation voucher. The survey was carried out by MDI in cooperation with Melkior.