Our team strengthened with three new specialists

At the beginning of October, we gained three new co-workers, when Jani Varjonen started as an intern, Nanna Nieminen as a specialist, and Eveliina Kuusisto, who has previously worked at MDI, returned to our team.

Jani Varjonen is a future economist at the University of Turku who is in the final stages of his master’s studies. He studies economics with a major in statistics and mathematics. Jani’s interests are broadly related to the economy – especially the urban economy. At MDI, Jani gets to show off his skills in a wide range of statistical analysis tasks.

Nanna has a Master’s degree in Administrative Sciences. Nanna is thoroughly familiar with the health and social care industry as well as the field of municipalities and organisations. In addition to her education and work background in the healthcare sector, Nanna has worked in social sector organisation, among other things, in developing voluntary work and in influencing and cooperation between welfare areas and organisations. At MDI, Nanna will work on issues related to the activities of municipalities, welfare areas and organisations, as well as the promotion of well-being and health.

Eveliina is a Bachelor of Social Sciences and a Master’s student in international relations, and has specialised in environmental, climate and energy issues and sustainable development. She has also studied regional policy, political science and leadership communication. Now she is jumping into the world of cultural policies and is working for example on a study on Nokia’s culture programme.