Operator network analysis of the marine cluster in the northern growth zone was completed

Networking of the Marine Cluster Operators in the Northern Growth Zone was studied in the publication: The Northern Growth Zone as a cluster development platform: Observations from the Marine Cluster Operator Networks, which is now completed (available in Finnish). MDI, along with Sweco Environment, was involved in a study project coordinated by the Turku School of Economics, with the aim of perceiving the networking relationships between the North Growth Zone and the interactions and interdependencies between operators.

According to the survey, the universities and businesses in the zone are networked in the area, despite the fact that most of the networks under review were co-operating with external sites as well. The northern growth zone is a key geographical area for many decision-making and developer networks that have emerged in network analysis. On the other hand, operators in the maritime cluster operate in several different markets and are not necessarily networked between different industries. In the development recommendations, the promotion of inter-sectoral cooperation was particularly important.