New VN TEAS projects highlight competence, innovation and labour policy

This year four new VN TEAS projects will be started at MDI to support the Government’s decision-making. These four projects are linked to the themes: 6. Finland of trust and equal labour market and 8. Finland of competence, education and innovation. MDI is the leader in three research consortia and the sub-contractor in the fourth.

The Impact assessment and indicators of innovation ecosystems (INNOVA) project provides an analytically thorough study of the impact and indicators of innovation ecosystems. In addition, the study provides information to support the impact assessment of national preparatory processes and RDI policy measures. The study is carried out together with ETLA Economic Research.

The TETTI project examines the implementation, equality and accessibility of the periods of introduction to working life (TET period) during basic education. The aim of the study is to build a comprehensive knowledge base to support the national development activities of the TET periods and to make better use of the potential of getting to know working life in the development of basic education. In addition, the study supports government measures to promote equality. MDI’s partners in the project are the Finnish Youth Research Society and the Study and Research Foundation for Studies and Education, Otus.

The main goal of the Education Market in Finland (KARMA) project is to describe the scope and supply of market-based education that meets the needs of working life for the working-age adult population in Finland. The study aims to outline and describe future trends in the education market. MDI carries out the project in collaboration with TK-Eval and FCG Finnish Consulting Group.

In addition, MDI is involved in a project led by Pellervo Economic Research PTT to assess the effectiveness and impact of vocational labour market training which aims to support decision-making with up-to-date research data.

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Projects to be launched in 2021