New book ‘The new era of urban policy’ will be published on 23. October

Urban policy will receive its much-needed groundbreaking book next week when ‘The new era of urban policy’ is released on Wednesday, 23 October at 8am at the Helsinki City Museum. The new book promises a more structured discussion of urban policy – it outlines the development cycle of Finnish urbanisation, clarifies the concepts of urban policy, describes the stages of state urban policy and presents the content challenges of 20th century urban policy. The book has been edited by Eero Holstila and Timo Hämäläinen.

The editors of the book, Eero Holstila and Timo Hämäläinen, hope that those interested in urban politics will find new ideas and perspectives in the book.

“The makers of urban policy solutions and their roles have changed over time. The book adds a new chapter to the continuum, describing how civil society has slowly become a player in the vitality of cities”, says Timo Hämäläinen.

The new era of urban policy provides tools for the debate on urban policy.

The book (in Finnish) can be ordered from the publisher’s online store: