Municipal survey 2021: The best grades for vitality policy are in North Karelia and Ostrobothnia where, despite the prolongation of the Covid-19 pandemic, there is still faith in the future

Valtakunnallinen kuntakysely 2021 kansi.

In November-December 2021, MDI organised a nationwide municipal survey for the seventh time. With the survey, we gathered together the views of municipal decision-makers and leading officials in relation to conceptions of the municipality of the future.

The municipal survey was addressed to leading officials, delegates and board members of all municipalities in mainland Finland (293 in total). The survey was emailed to 9 554 people. In addition, the survey was sent to nine municipalities through registries in the absence of addresses. A total of 1 992 respondents from a total of 284 municipalities gave their views.

In the summary, we have compiled school ratings for the vitality policy of municipalities, regions and provinces, as well as the short- and medium-term development outlooks of the municipalities.

The overall results of the survey and the interactive Tableau visualisations will be published in early 2022 at We will also communicate the results on our various social media channels.


Download a summary of Municipal survey 2021 (PDF, 1,6 Mt)