More Than 3500 Responded To The Survey Regarding Local Government Reform

The operational environment of municipalities will meet major changes due to the structural reform in social and health care services as well as in establishing new counties. Municipalities’ tasks, operations, financing and role in the public administration altogether will change substantially. An online questionnaire was sent to all 297 municipalities in Finland to 11 292 elected officials and public servants. Questionnaire was closed last week and almost one-third responded. The data serves as a basis for further discussion concerning the development of the municipalities and different regions. 

Here are some tasters of the survey: development in municipalities gets the best scores in municipalities of more than 100 000 inhabitants (8) and weakest scores in municipalities with fewer than 6000 inhabitants (7+). Regional development gets best scores in Ostrobothnia (7,5) and Pohjois-Savo region (7,5) and lowest rating in Kymenlaakso (6+). Another interesting result is the fact that in municipalities with more than 100 000 inhabitants the respondents recommend their area as a place where there is an opportunity to genuinely participate in the development of their own living environment. In addition, these are the municipalities where they have the courage to try out new things and the development of the municipality is seen to occur spontaneously and in accordance with its own approach.

According to the results the prospects for the development in municipalities seems to be brightest in the surroundings of metropolitan areas. Secondly the local government reform affects Central-Ostrobothia and Kymenlaakso positively. In the future municipalities should promote employment and create jobs, strengthen the business environment and develop the living environment by land use, housing and transport solutions.

Analysis of the results of the survey and background report will continue during the summer.