Mikko Valtakari and Juho Nyman to wear MDI red

The September transfer market continues busy. MDI made top-notch midfield acquisitions as Lic. Phil. Mikko Valtakari and M.Sc. Juho Nyman join the team from the beginning of October. Both men are sure-handed and hardworking and they bring about winning culture and also some new tricks. Signing of the pair gives a massive boost to MDI’s expertise in innovation, economic and labour market policies.

Mikko Valtakari and Juho Nyman

During the last 20 years, Mikko has successfully built business e.g. in LTT, HSE, and the latest, in Tempo Economics. As for Juho, he has worked the last six years as a researcher and a wingman to Mikko in Tempo Economics. Mikko is satisfied with the move that has been under negotiations for some time.

– We have noticed that we have complementary expertise and similar mindset in doing things. In addition, MDI gives a natural home to the evaluation and consulting of public sector activities we have operated in Tempo Economics, Mikko notes.

MDI’s Managing Director Tommi Ranta is thrilled with the new arrivals.

– Signing of Mikko and Juho gives us more torque in our ongoing and future projects. In particular, the pair reinforces our research-oriented approach and methodological know-how. I’m sure our capability of providing our customers with insightful consultancy is significantly better now, Tommi states.

– With joint forces we can better serve our existing and future customers, Mikko ends with a smile.

Mikko and Juho join the team as specialists October 1st, 2017. At the same time, MDI invites Mikko as a partner.

Information for municipalities and new national policy instruments for steering climate change mitigation and circular economy in municipalities

National goals in respect of preventing climate change and boosting the circular economy require strengthening. This entails the creation of viable solutions and indeed the adoption of a new approach in the municipalities. Based on the National Urban Strategy, a preliminary study has been produced which considered a number of potential policy instruments for climate and circular economy work. For the municipal level, the publication provides information on what kinds of instruments already exist, while for the state level, it suggests a number of new ideas for prospective policy instruments.

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PhD thesis defence: Urbanisation lacks vision

Ilppo Soininvaara (M.Sc.), MDI’s specialist in urban development and politics, researched for his PhD thesis the policy of urbanisation in Finland. The PhD thesis illustrates the development of urbanisation, the related political debate and various strategic interests. Soininvaara defended his thesis on May 25, 2022 at 12 noon at the faculty of science of the University of Helsinki. The thesis’ subject is “The politics of urbanisation – From a global imperative to national struggles”.

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