MDI’s workshop giving an extra push to Central Ostrobothnia’s strategy work

MDI’s collaboration with Central Ostrobothnian actors continued when we took a trip to the city of Kokkola to facilitate a workshop concerning the strategy for the upcoming county on March 16th, 2018. The strategy work had already seen two workshops, and we were eager to have the honor to facilitate the last workshop in the  process.

The earlier workshops had focused on the vision, values, and estimated economic impacts as well as on identifying the central stakeholders. A SWOT-analysis as also been carried out on different fields. Based on this work, we were set to work on the main goals for the new strategy. In addition to defining main goals it was also important to determine secondary goals and indicators for these main objectives.

The workshop was in line with the earlier workshops in the sense of dividing the work on the perspectives of different fields of area. With MDI’s facilitating it was possible to form the main objectives for these areas of fields and for the county as a whole by working in smaller and bigger groups and gathering all the information together. As a result, the workshop produced a lot of information for the writing process of the strategy and Central Ostrobothnia is now one step closer with building their new county corporation.