MDI’s 10th anniversary was a day of joy

MDI celebrated its 10th anniversary by hosting an anniversary seminar on May 12, 2022. There were 150 participants present at the seminar and the stream was followed by dozens of viewers online.

The keynote speakers at the seminar were Minister of Local Government, Sirpa Paatero from Ministry of Finance, Academy Research Fellow Timo Miettinen from the University of Helsinki, CEO Minna Karhunen from the Association of Finnish Municipalities and Regional Mayor Satu Sikanen from the Regional Council of South Karelia. The overview of developments at different regional levels they provided highlighted insightful observations on the past and interesting ideas about the future.

The subject of the panel discussion was the development of Finnish society ten years backwards and forwards from 2022. The excellent panel speakers were Professor Laura Kolbe from the University of Helsinki, CEO Tuuli Kaskinen from the Climate Leadership Coalition, political and economic journalist Marko Junkkari from Helsingin Sanomat and Professor Matti Apunen from the University of Tampere.

In the afternoon, MDI staffers interpreted and discussed Finland’s development and presented their work across various projects.

The day proved a great success and radiated joyful feelings all round! Thank you to all of those who shared our 10th anniversary at the seminar.

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